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Corporate Flowers

What does your reception area say about you and your company?

Does it invite people in or just put them off?

Are your meeting rooms inspirational spaces or dark and dreary?

The current challenging economy means it’s even more important than ever to make the right impression, not just the first time but every time. Simple changes such as a fresh vase of flowers on the reception desk and some lush green plants in a meeting room can transform spaces quickly, easily and affordably.

Worried about the mess or the hassle? Don’t be! We do all the hard work for you by visiting regularly to change the flowers and water the plants.

Worried about the cost? We have a range of options for all budgets both large and small. We can even create artificial arrangements that are so realistic, visitors even think they're fresh flowers!

Still think you can’t afford flowers or plants at work? Well think again.

Scientists have proved that plants actually increase staff well being and efficiency. How? Well plants increase the oxygen levels in a room and more oxygen means happier and healthier staff. Therefore plants can actually lead to lower staff sickness and increased staff morale.

Call us today to discuss options and arrange a free on site consultation with our Creative Director. Tel 07970 315617.

P.S. Don’t forget to say thank you. No, not to us! To your own team!

It never ceases to amaze us how overwhelmed and grateful people are when their boss presents them with an unexpected bouquet to say thank you or well done so go on.....and remember, it's cheaper than a pay rise!!